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Learn all the tips and tricks needed to create flawless sets of eyelash extensions and level up your lash business.
Focus on your career breakthrough with practical training involving videos, quizzes, submissions, and live 1 on 1 practice sessions
Go at your own pace, perfect your craft, and receive ongoing support throughout your lash journey.
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Not Another Basic Online Lash Course

Anybody can go find free lashing tutorials online. We know that. That’s why we have created an engaging lash extension course that will help you learn everything you need the fun way. Work on your eyelash extension skills with exciting quizzes, cool assignments, live feedback, worksheets, eBooks, and more!

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No lash artist is an island. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to join our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group of like-minded professional lash artists. Share your knowledge, learn new techniques, collaborate, support, and cheer each other on. Stay up-to-date with monthly group Zoom meetings, and set yourself up for success!

Your Pace. Your Course.

Kickstarting your lashing career has never been easier. Our lash training course is 100% tailored to your schedule and your specific needs. Whether you are looking to expand your skill set, start your career from scratch, or keep your finger on the pulse of the lashing industry, we have a course for you!


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"Something I absolutely loved and think sets this program apart from all the others is how thorough it is!!! I can't tell you how many girls I know that went through other lash training programs and still felt totally lost with simple lash basics. I didn't just want to receive a certificate then feel completely on your own like how it is with other programs. Crystal does a really incredible job going through EVERYTHING you need to know- from different products and tools, proper cleaning, different lash mappings, aftercare, making sure you're placing the lashes just right so you don't wreck your clients lashes, to literally everything else a lash artist needs to be properly taught. What's more is that Crystal always made herself available to answer any questions I had over my 3 years as a lash artist. You cannot go wrong with getting trained by Crystal. Learning how to do lashes opened up a huge career path for me. If you want to be trained, do it the right way and invest your money in someone that truly cares about your success!"
"Lash training with Crystal was absolutely phenomenal! It went so smoothly, everything was super easy to understand! She worked 1 on 1 with me online, and was super nice all the time! Any obstacle I came across, Crystal always had the answer for! She made me the boss lash artist I am today! I couldn't have asked for a better mentor/trainer!" 
kerri f., pa
"TOTALLY worth the investment! I was already certified twice by other lash artists and am a licensed esthetician. But, I always felt like I was missing out on information or didn't learn as much as I should have for the price I was paying. I really loved the idea of doing eyelashes but I ALMOST gave up cause I was so unhappy with my sets. Crystal answered all my questions and came up with a training combination of volume techniques, lash styling, and business development. Less than a year later, I finally moved out of my little lash room in the basement into an actual salon suite with a full book! This training was the perfect push and guidance I needed to FINALLY achieve what I've always wanted to do. After training, even up to today, Crystal will answer any questions I have and offer guidance whenever I need it. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a trainer and mentor that actually cares about the long run!"
Raquel S., MD
With Soco lashes academy, You can sit with us and