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Volume Eyelash Extension Training

Intensify your lashing skills with three different fanning techniques, taping methods, tricks to layering lashes, and more. Multiple volume training options available. 

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Whats Included

  • SocoLashes Certification
  • 8 Interactive Modules
  • 17 Videos
  • 3 Fanning Techniques
  • BONUS : Invitation to Facebook Support Group 

Become Well Rounded

You will learn multiple fanning techniques to help you overcome obstacles and diversify your knowledge and skillset. Knowing multiple fanning methods will help you stand out from other lash artists and assist you in creating customized hybrid and volume sets. In addition to fanning methods, you'll learn other tips and tricks to become a more well rounded lash artist. 

Everything You Need

You will receive all the knowledge, support, and supplies needed to successfully create volume fans throughout this course and beyond. The content is go at your own pace and the live model set will be flexibly scheduled. We want you to be able to retain all the information and thoroughly understand the material, so you can be a successful lash artist.

Course Lessons

become Socolashes certified and